Today's Conditions:


Trail Condition: Closed

Km Open: 0

Snow Surface:

New Snow: 0 "

Base Depth: 0"- 1"

Temps: 28-38 F

Wax of the Day:

Waxes are SWIX (including old varieties) for kick and FASTWAX for glide unless otherwise noted

Special Notes:
Closed. Not enough snow to ski.

Evening Workout by Silvia C. in February 2014. Thank you, Silvia!

This photo was taken by Mary M. in February 2013. Thank you, Mary!

This photo was taken by Robert W. near the pipe at Prospect on 12/30/12. Thank you Bob!

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Current Radar Image

Text weather report. (This report is for Bennington, but please remember that Prospect is usually about 10F colder than down in town.) for Woodford.

Detailed report for the town of Woodford, but still at a lower elevation than Prospect.

Prospect Mountain Nordic

Shhhh! The snow people are sleeping!

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"... on Prospect Mountain!